What is G.I.D Helpers?

Helping you

G.I.D Helpers is a on-demand task platform that gives you the ability to get almost any task done from moving to even walking your dog by your local college students.

Who is G.I.D for?

Whether you are a college student looking to make money in your spare time, a person who just needs help with a few errands or even a company looking to hire new grads . G.I.D is for you.

College Students make $15+ per hour in their spare time!!!

So how does it work?

It all starts with one click.

Post Task

Whether its moving, event help, tutoring or even washing your car.

Students Selected

Students compete for task and our admins assigns them to the task.


It's that simple! No hassle or worries.


Moving Help
Handy Help
Cleaning Help
Event Help
Yard Help
Virtual Help
Odd Jobs
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G.I.D for Business

Helping companies GET IT DONE.


G.I.D for You

Helping you GET IT DONE.

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G.I.D for Students

Helping college students GET IT DONE.